Who has not experienced frustration with a significant other, or the moment when one of the pair says, “You just don’t understand me”? Our society does not do an adequate job of preparing folks to be in an intense relationship, where so many aspects of their lives are intertwined, and where so many deep feelings are touched. In addition, couples face the external stressors of work, extended family, finances, and perhaps children, that also engender strong and even conflicting feelings. How does one articulate angry feelings, so that they are productive contributors to the relationship, rather than hurtful? What expectations, perhaps subtle, does one bring to the relationship, and are those being met? And finally, that catchall phrase “We just don’t know how to communicate!”. What does “to communicate” mean and how do we get there? The starting point to healing is to find ways to express all the thoughts and feelings, in appropriate words. Please feel free to contact me if you think I can be of help to you and your partner.