Family therapy, like families themselves, takes place on more complex levels since there are more hopes and wishes, more age levels, more expectations, more demands…Behaviors that seem acceptable to one age group make other age groups angry or sad. Parents strive hard to shape values in their young ones, and some family members (especially adolescents) wish to toss out the family traditions or values and find their own.  Depression, sadness, chronic illness, traumatic events, anxiety – all can be a part of a family experience. Sometimes it is very helpful to be able to air all the thoughts and feelings with a neutral party, who can help remove the judgment and fear, so that all voices can  be heard. Additional experience for Dr. Carrillo in the family therapy arena comes in the form of mediation, as she has chosen to train as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, to provide her with additional tools and skills to help a family feel more relaxed and in sync.