Psychological testing is not an x-ray of the human psyche, but it is helpful in determining personal strengths and weaknesses, and styles of interacting with others. It can pinpoint issues worthy of pursuit in individual, family, or group therapy, and can provide information useful for setting life goals. Dr. Carrillo began to learn about and to administer psychological testing in the first weeks of graduate school, and has continued to do both, seeking many hours of one-on-one supervision with clinical psychologists whose work she admires.

Psychological testing may be requested by other medical or mental health providers, to help elucidate the underlying issues an individual faces, and to clarify and determine diagnoses. Individuals have seen Dr. Carrillo for psych testing to determine fitness for duty, to assess vocational skills, and to qualify for learning disability or gifted school placement. Certain medical or surgical procedures, such as bariatric surgery, require a psychological evaluation, and Dr. Carrillo performs those. Psychological testing requires a fine balance of neutrality and kindness, in addition to skill, and Dr. Carrillo has worked hard to develop all three.

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) Testing
  • Gifted Testing